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Kirkleatham Walled Garden

The Kirkleatham Walled Garden and Catering Academy involved multiple construction projects being undertaken on-site, alongside extensive repairs, restoration and repointing of an existing Grade II listed wall, and soft and hard landscaping. The project was designed by local landscaping architects, with the aim of reflecting the natural beauty in the surrounding countryside.

The Catering Academy

The academy was traditionally constructed within the walled garden area, using pre-cast block/beam flooring and traditional brickwork with trussed timber roofing and cedar shingle coverings. The Catering Academy includes a retail sales area, restaurant, catering school facilities and kitchen/cookery zone. There is also access through the wall to the grand marquee.

The Horticultural School and Glasshouse

The school consists of a glasshouse, classroom and WC/wet areas. The foundations and structure of the school are consistent with the catering academy, while the glasshouse is housed on a dwarf brick wall.

Events Marquee

This part of the project involved a foundation platform, underground drainage and management of the marquee installation and amenities.

Restoration Works

The project includes extensive repairs, restoration and repointing of the Grade II listed wall, similar to that completed in Wynyard Hall. This was done using salvaged brickwork from the wall, ensuring full elevations can be completed without mixing any existing brickwork with newly sourced.

Garden and Landscaping

Extensive soft and hard landscaping was developed to provide an outdoor space including water features, pond and wildlife areas, play spaces and footpaths to link the gardens to the new buildings.