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South Tyneside Hospital Energy Centre

In April 2018 Metnor Construction were awarded the Standard Build contract for the South Tyneside Hospital Energy Centre.

The new energy centre includes both a new boiler house, and a combined heat and power unit (CHP Unit). The unit will make more efficient and effective use of valuable energy resources, while helping to reduce the Trust’s CO2 emissions by up to 30%. The energy centre is also expected to improve overall reliability at the hospital.

The waste heat produced by the CHP Unit will be in the form of low grade hot water, which will then be used in heating, serving a further purpose for the hospital.

The project involved replacing the existing plant located in various locations across the site and Ancillary building together with associated external works and drainage.

The energy centre was constructed in the centre of the hospital grounds, much consideration was made to logistic planning to manage deliveries, maintaining emergency access around the site and the ‘one way’ system around the hospital grounds whilst ensuring the hospital was kept live through the project.

The new construction accommodates complex Mechanical and Electrical works, including major infrastructure upgrades, capable of providing for South Tyneside District Hospital. The energy centre houses a 250kW CHP, 3 no. 7 tonne boilers and other major plant.