CNE Sandcastle Challenge 2018


What glorious weather for a Sandcastle Challenge!

The very first Sandcastle Challenge was held at Tynemouth Priory in 1994 and attended by adults only from architecture and engineering using imported sand! In 1995 it became a small gathering of 15 schools and was held at Druridge Bay eventually moving to its current and perfect home at Sandhaven Beach, South Shields in 2002.

Over the years the Sandcastle Challenge has grown in size and this year 112 teams of school children from all around the region took part.

Last Friday Metnor teamed up with Kingston Park Primary School and St Bede’s Primary School from South Shields to compete. With over 70 Children in Metnor yellow T-shirts it was hard to miss us. We had only 1 hour to complete our build; teamwork was priority and the children quickly arranged themselves into groups, some fetching water, others collecting stones and the rest digging in the sand.

Kingston Park Primary School: “We met with Metnor Construction to decide how we would want our sandcastle to look. All of our school have been to The Great North Museum to visit The Great Exhibition of The North. One of the items on display was Helen Sharman’s spacesuit. Helen Sharman was the first British person to go into space and the first EVER woman! She is also from the North of England (which we think is amazingly cool)!

Is it also the Year of Engineering this year so we decided it would be a good idea to recreate her adventure in to space and imagine what she would have seen when she was there.”

Congratulations to all that took part, a fantastic event and one we look forward to supporting year on year.