Metnor Construction Doubles its Turnover


Metnor Construction values it’s supply chain and fully understands that the development of meaningful partnerships with subcontractors is vital to the continued success of the business. They strongly believe in engaging with local communities wherever their construction activities take place, investing in people and the built environment. Metnor offer a business relationship based on co-operation, openness and trust.

Success can be seen in the company’s profitability; the company has had a very successful year posting increased profits for 2015. 2016 forecasts a record breaking turnover of £65M, with a strong order book expected for 2017.

As Metnor Construction looks ahead to 2017 a strong order book requires sustainable management and in August this year Jim Baldwin was promoted to Operations Director. Jim has a proven track record in the industry and knows exactly what the Metnor Construction USP’s are including, but not limited to, high quality and safe delivery of schemes that strive to complete on time and under budget.  The new Director appointment was affirmed by Chris Cant as “thoroughly deserved, this appointment is fundamental in securing the future success of Metnor Construction Limited”.

Chris added: “I never want to be too comfortable as a business, I encourage staff to challenge decisions, bring ideas to the table and try to throw as many ‘curve balls’ as possible to keep the business looking forward and fresh. We concentrate on what we do best. Employing passionate, hard-working individuals is fundamental to our success.”