Metnor’s Staff Conference


Last Friday we held our third staff conference, this time at Baltic. This is an important annual event in the Metnor Construction calendar that ensures all staff are kept up to speed with the business plan.

With the recent growth of both staff and turnover, its important that communication is clear. The morning started with our Managing Director providing a review of 2017 and a ‘look ahead’ discussing exciting new projects in the pipeline.

‘Back to Basics’ was the topic of the day, at Metnor we believe its our values of Innovation, Efficiency and Reliability that have been the driving force of change over the recent years and it was important to reflect on this. Members of the Senior Management Team discussed how we maintain and improve quality procedures to ensure we are up to speed with our industry’s best practice.

We were joined after lunch by guest speaker Monty Halls. Over the last twenty years, Monty has established a reputation as one of the most entertaining and thought-provoking speakers in the UK. Based on his experiences as a Royal Marines Officer, as an expedition leader, working with natural history film crews, and as a TV presenter and broadcaster, Monty’s talks are full of memorable moments and engender complete engagement. Focusing on teamwork and leadership this was a fantastic round up to our event that was engaging and thought provoking.

No Company Conference is complete without a social event and we couldn’t have planned for better weather! Staff walked from Baltic across the Millennium Bridge to the Pitcher and Piano where the terrace was booked and the sunglasses were on.

Thoughts from the day:

“It was a great opportunity to meet my colleagues, I have only been here for 4 months so it was great to hear about the changes Metnor has been through and what we have planned”

“Great guest speaker, he linked in well to our topics on teamwork”

“I’ve worked at Metnor for many years now and I’ve seen the business evolve. Events like these are important, it’s so easy to be caught up in day to day fire fighting, so being given the forum to meet with colleagues away from the office gives us a chance to take stock and ensure we are working as a team.”